Frequently Asked Questions - FAQS

Do you buy your parts from Apple?

No, in truth Apple doesn't make parts. Just like most products on the market, contract manufacturers make the parts and even assemble the final product. We buy OEM quality parts to use for repairs.

Do you test my device after you do the repair to make sure it works?

YES! regardless of what part is being replaced I run the device through a series of functions to make sure everything works. In most cases, I catch issues that other repair shops miss or damaged when they repaired them.

I don't know what is wrong with my device, will you charge me to look at it?

NO!! I never charge a diagnostic fee! Just bring it in for us to check out?

you repair non-apple smart phones and tablets?

Yes we can repair other smart phones and tablets. We don't stock non apple parts since there are so many other phones. We can get the parts for most devices in a few days.

Which are the Laptop Brands you Repair?

We majorly repair all Branded Laptops for e.g HP | Compaq | Dell | IBM | Lenovo | Sony | Toshiba.

What is the process and charges if I find my Laptop is faulty?

You need to submit the laptop in our workshop, within 25hrs we will give you the estimate and time line for repair, after approval we will repaired and return as per time and date fixed.

How will i come to know that my Laptop/ Mobiles is in Safe hand / Correct Person?

We are in to this business from last 10 years. We also have proper computerized system to track you records