Why Are Repair Franchises Highly Successful?

There are hundreds of different types of franchises that are open around the world. From fast food to preschool, there is a franchise for every type of business owner and consumer. Naturally, some do better than others when it comes to financial and long-term success. For example, smartphone repair franchises report steady and increasing success when it comes to customer retention, new customers, and profits. But why is this franchise industry doing so well among others? That’s a good question and there are a few reasons why that will make you think and maybe even make you consider looking into becoming a franchisee of an electronic device repair company.

Smartphones and tablets are always changing and advancing when it comes to their exterior and interior technology. Due to the intricacy of their design and functionality, repair requires intensive and comprehensive knowledge. Not just anyone can fix or replace a damaged device, which makes repair locations specialized and important. Different makes and models of electronic devices mean that repair franchises must know a lot about a variety of different devices so they can correctly fix any problem. Having this knowledge and being able to implement it to fix a problem can be almost priceless to consumers that have a damaged smartphone and need immediate help. In addition to having the knowledge to fix problems, repair shops also have all the necessary parts, pieces and tools. Electronic devices are very fragile and have many small parts that can only be obtained by dealers and repair shops. It’s not only difficult for smartphone owners to find the parts they need but it can be nearly impossible for them to figure out how to take the device apart, repair the problem and correctly get it back together. Repair franchises have the tiny tools needed to unscrew miniscule pieces and delicately put everything back together in working order. They have everything they need to fix any type of smartphone, which is an extremely difficult scenario to duplicate as a smartphone or tablet owner.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQS

What Is The Total Cost To Open A New MR.SERVICE Franchise Store?

The cost can vary depending on store size, location, lease, etc. The total cost, including Franchise Fee, is typically 10- 15 Lakhs.

What Are The On-Going Franchise Royalty

The Royalty fee is 15% of gross Service revenue
5 % of gross spares sales revenue.

Can I Own More Than One MR.SERVICE

Subject to meeting certain performance, financial, and partnership guidelines, franchisees may be awarded more than one store.

What Skills And Traits Are Desirable To Maximize The Likelihood Of Success?

One of the most important skills is the ability to deliver outstanding customer care. We also look for the confidence and desire to run your own business, management and financial acumen.

Do I Need A License To Open MR. SERVICE

You need to sign the licenses as per the location and local municipal licenses which are applicable for Service business.

What Is The Term Of The Franchise Agreement?

The initial agreement is for 5 years, with an option further renewal, subject to mutual agreement of both the parties.

Do You Provide Any Business Aids?

Yes, we do. We will help you with designing of the outlet, fit outs, equipment and spares sourcing at the best possible price, staff recruitment (if required), extensive training programs by the Mr. Service management and various marketing programs to help you with day-to- day business operations.